If you’re uncertain about anything, we hope you will find the answer on this page but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further clarification or assurances.

  • Q 1: How much time I can spend with her for a service?
  • Three hours will be the time to meet her for dinner date, club, or outing.
  • Q 2: Why some of the images are blurred at the website or partially clear?
  • Actually, all girls are independent and few of them are college students, office employees, and housewives so they do not allow us to show their identity in public.
  • Q 3: Are ladies with pics that will be available anytime when I call?
  • It’s the matter which depends on how much booking she is having for today or the next days.
  • Q 4: Can I book my favorite ones in advance?
  • Yes, you can book any of our ladies for your selected date and time in advance.
  • Q 5: Will your girls meet with disabled Customers?
  • Yes, some of our high clients are disabled and we are happy to serve them also.
  • Q 6: Is the price shown on the site is negotiable?
  • Yes, it is but that thing is not fixed and totally depends on the Availability, that we can give it or not.
  • Q 7: How Methods of payment do you accept for the service?
  • Cash is our prime priority, mostly we always deal with cash-only, but we also accept net banking and digital fund transfer.
  • Q 8: How early I should call to book the service?
  • You can call anytime throughout the day and spot booking is also available in our agency, but for surety purposes, you should call at least half an hour early.
  • Q 9: What was the last time slot to book an escort?
  • If you are asking about on-call service so it depends on the availability and it is available till the late night, but for outcall service, the last time is 10 PM.
  • Q 10: Can I book an escort for tour and or outing?
  • Yes, definitely you can and the charge will be depending upon your trip duration and you have to provide the details of your tour destination reason being our companion’s security.


  • 1: Can I book a call girl at my home?

Answer: Yes, you can book a call girl in your home but you have to fulfill our terms & conditions for that.

  • 2: Can I take an escort with me to parties?

Answer: Yes, you can take the call girl with you to the parties. You and the call girl must be reconciled

  • 3: can I book more than one call girl am I?

Yes, you can book as many call girls as you want but the condition is you have to pay for every call girl.

  • 4: Is it safe to book a call girl hotel?

Answer: Yes it is completely safe just condition you and the call girl’s age should be above 18 and both have come in a hotel room of their own free will.

  • 5: Do I have to pay first while booking a call girl?

Answer: No it is not so but sometimes you may have to give some percentage first or you have to show the booking details of your hotel room, believe that after booking the call girl, call the call girl there and then cancel the booking later.

  • 6: I am looking for an escort girl. How can I get an escort girl in Manali?

Answer: Of course, you can get an Escort in Manali. It’s not a big deal. All you have to do is follow these few simple steps: Just give us a call. We will manage everything.


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